The game

The world is covered in purple mist, the legacy of some cataclysm long past. Throughout the continent are several powerful city-states, built where the mist is thin enough that they are not constantly besieged by the horrors that lurk in the wilderness.

In the recent past, airships were invented, and a new era of trade and conflict is being ushered in. The city-states, previously only in contact through small trading caravans, are now forced to face the reality of different cultures, different ways of life, and the possibility of war.

You play the crew of a small airship in this new world. Perhaps you are representatives of some country's military or diplomatic efforts (or even clandestine operatives), or maybe you are the ragtag crew of a refitted cargo ship, taking odd jobs to make it through the day.

Either way, it's a dangerous life, and you'll need wits, luck, and teamwork to stay alive.

Coming 2018