established in 2014

Electric Purple Studios started in the Carnegie Mellon University Game Creation Society. A couple of friends wanted to make a game together for one of the club's biweekly short game competitions. After the competition ended, they worked on the game more, and eventually finished it. It was a Java applet called Forest Crawl, and while it wasn't the most polished or the most fun, working together had been awesome, so the friends decided to keep on doing it.

The original idea for Aeronauts was to make a tabletop role-playing game where it was fun to play as an airship engineer. From that kernel, we built a team to write story, mechanics, and come up with an art direction for the project back in 2011.

As we started to get more serious about publishing our work, we hired artists, and eventually additional writers to produce content for the book. We formed an LLC in the state of Washington in June of 2014, and started to plan our eventual launch.

In 2017, one of our short story writers, who is also a screenwriter and producer in LA, reached out about pitching a short film set in the Aeronauts universe. The film, titled The Long Dig, follows a Drecnan exile and her team as they try to recover technology that will allow them back into their home nation. We decided to move forward with the project, and Electric Purple Studios added film production to its list of efforts.